Ends: March 28th 2022Bonus*: March 30th 2022

Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Four words, so simple, yet so iconic to Half-Life. They defined the approach to the franchise from the get go, making players move, consider, fight, and survive like never before.

For our debut theme, “Info_Comp_Start”, it’s back to the roots - your goal is to make a map bringing to life these four pillars of Half-Life into one, compact package. Your interpretation can be as literal or metaphorical as you like, as long as all four elements can be reasonably inferred from within the map. Make your player ride treadmills, or present them difficult quandaries - how you cover Valve’s quartet is up to you.

Just make sure you touch upon all four of these in some way. They built the franchise - now it’s time to pay respects.

1st Place: 1 x $25 + 1 x $5 ($30 total) Steam Gift Cards
2nd Place: 2 x $10 ($20 total) Steam Gift Cards
3rd Place: $10 Steam Gift Card

* Bonus entries will be included in the final build but not judged