Back To The Roots

Goldsrc, the grand-daddy of the Valve engine trio, has seen a lot of action within and without the modding community. Half-Life, the one that started it all, was powered by this engine after all - but many iconic mods over the years have made their own mark, and Valve’s titles on the engine dwarf their Source counterparts.

For our second theme, it’s time to respect the classics by turning them up a notch - take any Goldsrc Valve game/IP and remake a section into Source! Want to revisit Unforeseen Consequences? What about putting a singleplayer spin on the classic 2Fort? Or perhaps you’d like to tackle a partial remaster of the greatest Valve title of all time, Ricochet?

Take a look at our eligible games list to get some inspiration, then get cracking on Back To The Roots!

Accepting Submissions 🔨
10 Aug - 1 Sep 2022
Closes 23:59 1 Sep (GMT-0)
Judging 🕹
2 Sep - 9 Sep 2022
Results + release 🎉
10 Sep 2022

1st Prize

  • $25 Steam Gift Card

2nd Prize

  • $15 Steam Gift Card

3rd Prize

  • $10 Steam Gift Card

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